Acupuncture helps balance the body to enable conception

JS had successful Acupuncture treatment for infertility

Migraine can cause many symptoms which can be helped with Acupuncture

Testimonial - Infertility success, and migraine relief

The following testimonial has been voluntarily supplied and reproduced in full.


JS, February 2013

I have known acupuncture to work for my Dad and his high blood pressure, my Father-in-Law's gangrenous foot, and my cousin who had infertility problems so after suffering migraines for years and them becoming increasingly more frequent and worse I decided to give it a go. I saw Garry in Sawtry for several months and it worked wonders. I suffered a really bad migraine not long after I started treatment, but in the 3 years since, I have only had the occasional headache.

For months I had been getting large red lumps just on my legs, very itchy and hot and nothing was helping, creams from the doctor was only helping with the itching and it had really started to get a problem as my legs were bleeding and very sore. I went back to Garry to see if he could help. Garry decided it needed a woman's touch and Alison had a look, who knew immediately that they were due to a hormone imbalance. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 2 years with no luck. I had been on the 'Depo' contraceptive injection for 11 years but had been off it for 3 years.

I started an hour's treatment every week with Alison and we worked through lots of issues; work, stress, diet, relaxation. I am a fit and healthy person with no medical problems but due to being a shift worker my life style was not the best for eating at the right times, sleeping and resting when my body needed it. It was very important for both my husband and I to try and eat well, rest and get our bodies into good working order.

My husband and I carried on seeing the GP with regards to our infertility and we were booked in to the infertility clinic. The appointment went well and we were due to start IVF in September 2012. I am very pleased to say that we do not need to go down the IVF route as we fell pregnant in November 2011. We have had 2 scans and all seems to be progressing very well.

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