Testimonial - Sinus congestion following Swine Flu

The following testimonial has been voluntarily supplied and reproduced in full.


Lesley Curtis, July 2011

I first went to see Garry at the Hares Clinic in Deeping St James at the end of May 2011 desperate for help to clear my sinuses. After two very bad colds and a brush with Swine flu, I was feeling extremely blocked up, sluggish and horribly nasal.

I'd been to the doctors who prescribed Sudafed and also because I felt my hearing was impaired. He referred me to a specialist - who consequently annoyingly waved me away as he thought I was wasting his time. Nothing helped.

I suppose you might say I could have waited until it got better but I couldn't because I'm a singer/songwriter and a vocal coach and it had to be sorted as soon as possible. It's vital to me in my working life to have a fully functioning voice and hearing. I am also recording a new album this year. I couldn't afford to wait.

Then I remembered that my mother who had suffered from debilitating back pain for over 18 years had huge success visiting an acupuncturist - she was able to get back to a proper life after only three months of treatment.

I phoned the Hares Clinic and spoke to a very nice lady who booked me an appointment with Garry. After the first session, the biggest tangible benefit to me was how relaxed I was, which resulted in me being less stressed about the whole 'not being able to sing properly thing'. The pressure in my head and nose was beginning to shift and clear.

By the fourth session, the popping in my ears had decreased significantly and after six sessions, I was beginning to regain the vocal sound I was used to.

This was all simply achieved by a combination of acupuncture and massage - my head and neck were so tense from trying to sing as I know I can - no drying-out pills from the doctor, no operation needed to drain the sinuses - completely natural. Now I am planning to go every month, not only because of the feel good factor that acupuncture has brought me, but as a preventative measure to keep my sinuses clear.

Way to go Garry!

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