Testimonial - Back, shoulder and elbow pain, general maintenance and Plantar Fasciitis

The following testimonial has been voluntarily supplied and reproduced in full.


Lucy and Martin, August 2011

My husband Martin and I have been visiting The Hares Clinic at Deeping on and off for a number of years.

Martin works in the landscaping industry and is subject to pain in his back, shoulders and elbows, much of this is due to wear and tear and getting older. There have been times Martin has been to see Garry hardly able to walk due to pain and by the end of a session he is mobile again.

He has also found that 'monthly maintenance' visits are very beneficial in keeping muscles and joints supple and less prone to injury.

My battle with the plantar fascia (band of tissue, much like a tendon, that starts at your heel and goes along the bottom of your foot) goes back 2 years, having had a foot problem in my early 40's I decided to start getting fit in my 50's and chose running, however this re-triggered the foot pain and choosing to continue, I made it worse.

Several sessions with Garry and I was able to bear weight on my foot without the need of painkillers. 2 years on I am pain free, but woe betide if I forget the exercises.

Dealing with stress at work and the approaching menopause I have found Garry's approach to holistic healing therapies (living better, being healthier, and striving for wholeness) very encouraging and combined with acupuncture have changed the way I view my health.

A visit to Garry's is worth it, but don't expect it to be pain free and always do the exercises!

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