Osteopathy and Trigger Point Therapy treatment for RSI

Testimonial - Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

The following testimonial has been voluntarily supplied and reproduced in full.


Trevor Neal, August 2011

I have suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) for more than 20 years. For much of this time it has been difficult to access effective treatment. My RSI first began whilst typing a dissertation for an MSc degree on an early and primitive word-processor. I have been fortunate in that I have been able to continue working by using adaptive technologies such as Voice Recognition Software. However, at times when my workload has increased my RSI has got worse so that I have been in fear of having to give up work because of it.

During 2010, I came under increasing pressure at work and felt the need to work excess hours to cope with it. This led to a flare-up of my RSI condition for which I was not receiving any treatment at the time. I was concerned that this flare-up might force me to give up work or at least take time off of work, at a time when my employment situation was quite difficult.

Other sufferers of RSI with whom I was in contact, recommended Garry Hares to me, as they had received effective treatment from him. I began seeing Garry regularly and quite soon began to notice that my RSI symptoms were first stabilising, and then improving. Garry employs a range of treatment modalities including trigger point therapy, and acupuncture. I have to say that there are times during treatment session when it is quite painful. However, thankfully the really painful moments are quite short lived. It's not the acupuncture that is painful, so if you've not had acupuncture before there's no need to be afraid of it.

I've now been seeing Garry at his clinic in Holborn, regularly for almost a year, and during that time my RSI improved considerably, so that I was no longer in fear of losing my job because of it. Of course I have had to be sensible about what I do or don't do, and it is necessary to heed Garry's advice about taking adequate exercise and eating sensibly. In fact I have recently taken voluntary redundancy, and so spend much less time sitting in front of a computer. However, Garry's therapy rescued me from RSI at a time when I needed to continue working but feared that I wouldn't be able to.

I am aware of a number of other RSI sufferers who have been successfully treated by Garry and I have no hesitation in recommending him.

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