What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a way of treating illness, which uses the natural healing forces present in the human body, in conjunction with nutrition, and sometimes supplements, in different forms.

Naturopathy is a form of medicine practiced widely throughout the world. It has the longest tradition of any healing system, and is the forerunner of modern medicine.

"Let food be our medicine and medicine be our food" - Hippocrates 400BC

The basis of naturopathy is concerned with discovering and removing the root cause of disease, whether it be from faulty eating, drinking, breathing, elimination, or spinal misalignment, muscular tension, stiff joints, bad posture, or psychological issues.

Qualified Naturopaths deal with a wide variety of complaints, and are qualified to prescribe vitamins and minerals, nutritional advice, perform massages and other remedial body therapies.


What is a Naturopath?

Naturopathy is the study of Natural Health Medicine and a Naturopath is a Natural Health Practitioner.

Primarily, the fundamental basis of naturopathy is the practice of preventing disease by way of assisting the body to remain healthy, or to regain health in a natural way that can cause no harm.

When you hear or see the word Naturopath you may think of a Natural Health Practitioner, someone who would treat you with natural remedies or/and adjust your diet using supplements and/or organic natural foods.

In actual fact a naturopath does do these things, and they will possibly be trained in many other modalities as well, which they may use in conjunction with nutritional, dietary and supplemental therapies.

Some tips to remember when choosing your natural health practitioner:

  1. Make sure they have the appropriate qualifications, such as a diploma in naturopathy
  2. A qualified naturopath is bound by a code of ethics and rules of practice
  3. A Naturopath is trained in nutrition, but do not assume a nutritionist is a Naturopath
  4. Ask questions, as you need to feel confident that your choice of health professional is the right one for you
A naturopath is a highly trained professional who will act professionally at all times and respect your confidence.

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for you and your family and if you believe that prevention is better than cure, naturopathy could be of interest to you.

To choose to visit a naturopath is to take control of your health naturally, and to make healthy choices in life.


What we offer and where

Our clinics in Cambridgeshire and London offer Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Trigger Point Therapy, Sports Injury and Deep Tissue Massage treatments for an extensive range of conditions.

Our Sawtry clinic covers a wide area from Peterborough to Huntingdon and St. Neots, while at the Steeple Morden clinic we receive patients from Baldock and Royston, plus Ashwell and all over North Herts.

From Deeping St James, our most rural clinic attracts patients from Stamford, Spalding and Peterborough.