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  • MS. Jayne Hogg, Aug 2011

Leg pain




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Toe injury

Plantar Fasciitis

Foot injury

Liz N, May 2013
For some time I had a trigger finger -one can live with that, I thought! But then it was my thumb too! A few times I had woken in the night with a locked finger or thumb and had to briskly rub it and allow it to do a hurtful click before I could think of returning to sleep.

Knowing that surgery would be inevitable if I went to my G. P. I went to see Garry... [read more] TOP

Geoff D, April 2013

I was suffering from severe debilitating head pain from October 2012, which necessitated an emergency hospital admission and treatment with morphine.

The cause of the head pain was never found, but a mixture of medication - pain killers and steroids, kept it in check, but I was unable to work. CT and MRI scans revealed nothing untoward but I was barely able to function... [read more] TOP

Carron, June 2011
My name is Carron I am 42. When I was 13 I broke my right leg. Since then I have always had back pain on some level. I also have curvature of the spine and assumed that my lower back pain would be with me forever. I have seen a chiropractor for sixteen years and she has always kept me going but... [read more] TOP

Martin, August 2011
After spending 2 weeks going back and forth to doctors due to intense lower back spasms that were incredibly painful I attended the Hares Clinic at Sawtry - I had an initial 1 hour appointment with Garry... [read more] TOP

Lucy and Martin, August 2011
My husband Martin and I have been visiting The Hares Clinic at Deeping on and off for a number of years.

Martin works in the landscaping industry and is subject to pain in his back, shoulders and elbows, much of this is due to wear and tear and getting older. There have been times Martin has been to see Garry hardly able to walk due to pain and by the end of a session he is mobile again. He has also found... [read more] TOP

D.S., August 2011
Garry delights in finding those places that make you go 'ow!' Then proceeds to work on the 'ow' to make it go away (if not completely the first time certainly by the second). The 'ow' could be in my shoulder, back or thigh, self inflicted or just wear and tear. You know when he feels he has the right place because you get an 'arh'. He keeps me going!!

Stephanie, August 2011
My name is Stephanie, I'm 48 years old and I have been a fitness enthusiast most of my life and worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer for many years. My passion is long distance running and I have run 3 half marathons and would like to do a full marathon before I hit 50. However... [read more] TOP

Lesley Curtis, July 2011
I first went to see Gary at the Hares Clinic in Deeping St James at the end of May 2011 desperate for help to clear my sinuses. After two very bad colds and a brush with Swine flu, I was feeling extremely blocked up, sluggish and horribly nasal. I'd been to the doctors who prescribed Sudafed and also because I felt my hearing was impaired. He referred me to a specialist - who consequently annoyingly waved me away as he thought I was wasting his time. Nothing helped.

I suppose you might say... [read more] TOP

Margaret, August 2011
I have been a patient of The Hares Clinics for the past 9 years, am elderly, and suffer from osteoporosis, which has led to a degenerative condition of my bones, not helped by my having a history of falls over the years. Garry has treated my symptoms... [read more] TOP

Trevor Neal, August 2011
I have suffered from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) for more than 20 years. For much of this time it has been difficult to access effective treatment. My RSI first began whilst typing a dissertation for an MSc degree on an early and primitive word-processor. I have been fortunate... [read more] TOP

Jayne Hogg, August 2011
I was diagnosed with MS over 18 years ago, and for the most part, the symptoms were manageable. However over the last three years things have been getting progressively worse, so I thought I would try and see if there were any other treatments available that would help me.

This was the part at which I found Garry and the Hares Clinic. I have been attending sessions... [read more] TOP

Frances, June 2011
I went to The Hares Clinics Sawtry after my friend told me about it. I have suffered with pains in my legs for nine months with no help from my doctors, even after having X-rays. They still didn't have any idea what was wrong and told me to take Paracetamol, which didn't ease the pain at all.

I am very happy to say... [read more] TOP

John, July 2011
I had three operations within a year on my legs (two half knee replacements and a fused ankle) to re-align my legs. The operations went well but I developed excruciating pains in my lower back and down one leg that meant I was bent double and on crutches.

After seeing my GP... [read more] TOP

Beryl, August 2011
Re - treatment at Deeping St James clinic
Just over 12 months ago I developed a very painful right leg I could hardly walk on or get a good night's sleep. My treatment consisted of acupuncture and osteopathy... [read more] TOP

Richard Heller, June 2011
I used to think that an osteopath was man who hated osteos. Then a friend told me to go to Garry Hares. Mr Hares of Holborn, the alliterative location of his London clinic.

My shoulder was in agony. Arm movements of any kind had become stiffer than the Tin Man before Dorothy applies the oil can. My cricket career seemed to be over. I even had to abandon the... [read more] TOP

Robert Blore, August 2011
I first attended The Hares Clinic about one year ago mainly to consult in respect of tennis elbow only to discover that many of the muscles and tendons in various areas of my body were tight and as such were the reason behind aches and pains I regularly had.

Garry Hares firstly relieved the problem... [read more] TOP

T.J., October 2011
In September 2009, I hurt my left foot while running. This was the latest in a series of running injuries that I had sustained over the years. Although I was patient and rested the foot for months, my injury did not improve. I had not been able to exercise at all (walking included) for over a year and a half when a friend suggested... [read more] TOP

JS, February 2012
I have known acupuncture to work for my Dad and his high blood pressure, my Father-in-Law's gangrenous foot, and my cousin who had infertility problems so after suffering migraines for years and them becoming increasingly more frequent and worse I decided to give it a go. I saw Garry in Sawtry for several months and it worked wonders. I suffered... [read more] TOP

Tim Cooper, September 2011
I first went to see Garry Hares at his Steeple Morden clinic, in 2006, after he was referred to me by Steve Fisher of RSI Action and the London RSI support group. After only a few sessions, I started to see rapid and substantial improvements in my symptoms.

The symptoms come back when... [read more] TOP

Valerie M, January 2012
Several years ago I discovered that I had an imaginary limp. Well, it wasn't really imaginary, more unrecognised, by me at least!

On moving to the Deeping St James area, near Peterborough, and making new friends, alarm bells rang when I was asked about my limp on more than one occasion. When I mentioned this to my family and friends of long standing they all seemed surprised that I... [read more] TOP

CP, September 2011
After being ill for four weeks with various lower abdominal aches and pains, bladder problems, and becoming depressed and suffering from insomnia, my wife suggested seeing an acupuncturist as a last resort, as normal medication seemed of little use.

Being totally exhausted and without a positive thought in my head, I visited Garry Hares at... [read more] TOP

Chris Brown, June 2012
Just a few lines to say how pleased I have been with the Acupuncture treatment received at the Deeping St. James clinic.

My blood pressure has gone... [read more] TOP

CK, July 2012
I have been suffering from a systemic autoimmune disorder for over 10 years. This disease has literally affected every major organ of my body and has incapacitated me with chronic pain, debilitating fatigue and chronic infections requiring regular hospital care.

I've been receiving... [read more] TOP